Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan Leaves Visayas Devastated

Photo courtesy of AP

Photo courtesy of AP

Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) was projected as the strongest storm to hit the world this 2013. It was a massive super typhoon as it affected two-thirds of the Philippines last weekend. It wrecked widespread devastation particularly in the islands and provinces in the Visayas region.

Scenes of utter destruction are found in many places. Trees and plantations were destroyed, houses were reduced to debris, electric poles were strewn all around and vehicles were swept away. Even large vessels were dragged into land from the sea.

Entire communities were completely destroyed. Even some of those sheltered in evacuation centers were not completely safe from the sheer magnitude of the super typhoon’s force. Power and communication remains unrestored in most affected parts. Many places remain inaccessible due to impassable roads and bridges. Many remain stranded in remote coastal villages.

Such is the desperation of the victim’s situation that incidences of looting are happening. Law and order is becoming a pressing concern in some places. The recent estimated death toll stands at around 1,200. This is feared to rise to possibly tens of thousands as authorities see the bigger impact of the super typhoon.

The victims are in dire need of immediate assistance. Food, water, medicine, blankets, clothes, candles and tents are priority needs.

You could make a difference and have a positive impact in alleviating the plight of the victims. You could course your donation to the victims through Dalaw Kalinga Foundation (DKF).

How to help? Click this link.

DKF has a long track record in helping victims of calamities in the Philippines. On behalf of the victims, we thank you for your generosity in helping them rebuild their lives.

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