Bloodletting in Cebu

Dalaw Kalinga Foundation in Cebu City(Nov.24-25)

For two days of Activities in the Province of Cebu, there were group of Organization conducted mass Blood Donation (MBD) held at Chong Hua Hospital Fuente and Chong Hua Mandaue.

A helping hand manifested in each other’s heart through making impossible to possible one.

Dalaw Kalinga Foundation, Dugong Alay Dugtong Buhay and the rest of the Team were Happy seeing this events success. A Bloodletting organized by Tiugan Temple Cebu Chapter dubbed as “Share the Hope” in Partnership with PSI Seminar, Jollibee, React Philippines Public Safety College, Bureau of Fire Protection, PNP, Pag-ibig Fund Business Hub, Our Advocacy of Saving Lives also waking up the awareness of each individual that in every drop of their blood counts and most of all there were people asking blood transfusion.


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